About Kabuki

If you would like to watch Kabuki in Japan.
Please visit this website to buy tickets and to find out program titles, dates, performance times, and the like. KABUKI official website
If you would like to know Kabuki’s history and what makes it distinctive and alluring.
Please visit this page. KABUKI official website
Before inquiring about buying Kabuki tickets.
Please read this FAQ. e-tix Q&A
To reserve Kabuki tickets by phone.
Please use Ticket Phone Shochiku.
Phone: +81-3-6745-0888; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (JST)
*Reservations are valid for one week.
If you cannot come to retrieve the tickets in advance, contact us 7 days in advance of the performance or earlier.
*Reservations cannot be cancelled and tickets cannot be changed for any reason whatsoever.
Inquire about Kabuki theatres and programs here. (in English only)
*We may not be able to reply to media interviews, copyright permissions, motion picture production, requests for work, or other inquiries.
*We may not be able to answer questions for research.
To learn about Single Act Tickets at the Kabukiza Theatre.
Please visit this page. Single Act Tickets for viewing only one act
*Single Act Tickets can be purchased at the Kabukiza Theatre in Tokyo each day during a performance.
*Performance times, prices, and ticket sale times will be announced on the opening day of the program. Please visit KABUKI’s News.
Please see here for information on the English guide devices for Kabuki programs.
・Simplified English Audio Guide (Brief description and synopsis) are available at the Kabukiza Theatre.
■Full Program:¥1,000 (CASH ONLY)

■Single Act:¥800 (CASH ONLY)
*Please note that the audio guides may be unavailable depending on the performance.

The Simplified English Audio Guides are only available at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo).
*English caption guides (G-marc guides ) are currently not available.

Please visit this page. Service for foreigners

About motion pictures

What is the latest lineup of motion pictures distributed by Shochiku?
Please visit this (Japanese) page. Shochiku lineup
What types of foreign film titles does Shochiku distribute in Japan?
Please see the list of major foreign film titles distributed by Shochiku. Shochiku lineup < foreign films >
What sort of motion pictures has Shochiku produced? I would like to know what titles have won awards at major international film festivals, for example.
Please see the list of Shochiku motion pictures that have won awards or have been screened at major international film festivals. Select official film festival entries and awards received
How can I find schedules for motion pictures at theatres of the Shochiku Group?
Please see the pages for the theatres in the area you would like to watch in (in Japanese) from the list of Shochiku Group movie theatres throughout Japan (below, in English only). Movie theatres of the Shochiku Group


Have any Kabuki titles been made into video works?
Kabuki programs have been filmed, edited, and turned into video works as Cinema Kabuki. For the titles available, please visit this page. Cinema Kabuki works
How can I find resources about Kabuki, theatre productions, and motion pictures for research purposes?
For student and personal research, please make use of the public interest incorporated foundation Shochiku Otani Library in Tsukiji, Tokyo, a library specializing in Kabuki, theatre productions, and motion pictures. Please note that the resources held are only in Japanese.
Public interest incorporated foundation Shochiku Otani Library (in Japanese)
Shochiku Otani Library