Hokaibo is the haunting story of a depraved monk living amidst the din and bustle of the great city of Edo (Tokyo). Pretending to raise funds to rebuild a temple bell, Hokaibo actually spends what money he can collect pursuing women. His mind is turned not to the pious thoughts suitable to a monk, but to fantasies of a life of luxury indulging in his favourite food, drink and pleasures of the flesh. Uncontrollable desire and greed lead him to spying, deceit, theft, and even murder. Hokaibo's adventures end with his own death; his soul merges with the ghost of a long-suffering princess, creating a powerful and dangerous creature who terrorizes the people of Edo living along the Sumida River under the cherry blossoms.


Nakamura Kanzaburo
Nakamura Shikan
Bando Yajuro
Nakamura Senjaku

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