Migawari Zazen


A feudal lord called Yamakage Ukyo has a shrewish wife called Tamanoi and beautiful mistress called Hanago. Ukyo decides to deceive Tamanoi and to meet Hanago. Claiming he has recently had bad dreams, he says he wishes to perform zazen meditation. Ukyo calls in his servant Tarokaja, telling him to take his place in the meditation. He must cover himself with a robe so as not be recognized. Tamanoi comes to see her husband. Discovering the deception, she soon makes Tarokaja confess everything, including the fact that Ukyo has gone to visit Hanago. Tamanoi decides to catch her husband out and orders Tarokaja to put the robe over her head. She will sit and await his return.


Nakamura Kanzaburo
Ichikawa Somegoro
Bando Mitsugoro

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