Yotsuya Kaidan


With two passion-driven murders, everything starts to crumble.

Iemon kills his father-in-law Yotsuya Samon, angry that the older man has taken back his daughter, Iemon’s wife O-Iwa. Meanwhile Naosuke, besotted with O-Iwa’s younger sister O-Sode, believes he has killed her fiancé Yomoshichi. The sisters grieve, not knowing who has killed their father and O-sode’s fiancé, and Iemon and Naosuke promise to avenge the two murdered men. O-Iwa returns to Iemon, while O-Sode and Naosuke enter into a temporary marriage. Ito Kihei wants Iemon for his granddaughter O-Ume, but O-Iwa has just given birth to Iemon’s child. She is unwell after the birth, and Kihei sends a disfiguring poison, telling her it is medicine, hoping that Iemon will reject O-Iwa. She dies in agony, but her angry spirit gradually drives Iemon mad.


Kushida Kazuyoshi (串田和美)


Nakamura Shido
Nakamura Kankuro
Nakamura Shichinosuke
Nakamura Senjaku

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