Our business

The Shochiku Group is a comprehensive group of entertainment corporations formed of the three major pillars of audio and video, theatre, and real estate and the rest.

Since being founded in 1895, we have worked to provide wholesome entertainment through theatre, motion pictures, and other media. Our goal is to provide the priceless value of fantasy and to touch as many people as possible by offering quality motion pictures and theatrical performances.

As a group, we will use to the full the genes we have inherited from our over 120 years of history as we adapt to new eras and keep challenging ourselves. We will continue to provide fantasy and to touch people in Japan and throughout the world.

Audio and video
  • Production, publicity, and distribution of live-action, animation, and tokusatsu special effect motion pictures
  • Purchase, publicity, and distribution of motion pictures produced outside Japan
  • Granting of audio and video rights to domestic and international parties
  • Development of audio and video content
  • Management of theatres and cinema complexes
  • Arrangement of programming at theatres
  • Production and editing of content for satellite and cable channels
  • Basic satellite broadcasting and general broadcasting
  • Planning and management of events related to audio and video
  • Production, purchase, and sales of video content
  • Planning, production, and promotion of Kabuki (including traveling and overseas performances)
  • Planning, production, and promotion of general theatrical productions (including traveling and overseas performances)
  • Management of theatres under direct management (Kabukiza Theatre, Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, and Minamiza Theatre)
  • Rights of theatrical performances
  • Kabuki-related events
  • Pioneering of new business related to the theatre (Cinema Kabuki, MET Live Viewing, etc.)
  • Promotion of actors and talent
Real estate
  • Building rental and lease, real estate administration, real estate development
  • Editing, production, and sales of motion picture pamphlets
  • Planning, production, and sales of character merchandise
  • Management of mobile and computer shopping websites
  • Distribution of official content for mobile devices
  • Planning and management of events, mainly for motion pictures and theatrical productions
  • Management of restaurants, parking lots, and other places of business
  • Administration and cleaning of real estate
  • Development of uses for music copyright, authorization