Enjoying the theatre experience

The show isn’t the only enjoyable thing about watching Kabuki. Enjoy Japanese food and bento during the makuai (intermission). Japanese sweets and alcohol are also available.

Make sure you visit the Kabukiza Gallery. It’s a mini-museum on Kabuki, and you can see real stage costumes and properties up close. Bring a ticket for the Kabukiza Theatre for the current month (including Single Act tickets) for a discount of 100 yen. Please take advantage of it.

Before and after the show

Kobikicho Square
Kobikicho Square on basement level 2 of the Kabukiza Theatre

Kobikicho Square at the Kabukiza Theatre is
a must-see

On basement level 2 of the Kabukiza Theatre, accessible directly from Tokyo Metro / Toei Subway Higashi-ginza Station, is Kobikicho Square, with a giant lantern of the Kabukiza Theatre. With a lively festival atmosphere daily, stores sell Kabuki-related merchandise and souvenirs: Kaomise, the largest souvenir shop; Kabuki Chaya for Japanese food stall fare; Yagura for bento boxes; Hanamichi for food and miscellaneous goods. With a convenience store and a ticket booth as well, visitors can enjoy a fun shopping experience.

You can use an automatic exchange machine to get Japanese Yen using a credit card or 13 types of foreign currency (exchange into Japanese Yen only). You can also use G Free (Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN) free of charge.