Going to a theatre

Find out when and where to watch Kabuki on the pages below.

On most days during a run of a program, two performances are presented daily, with the matinee show starting around 11 a.m. and the evening show starting in the evening.One show is about 4 hours long, and about three dramas or dances are presented with a 幕間 makuai (intermission) between them. One ticket is for one entire show.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for 4 hours, some programs offer Single Act tickets for watching only one act. Please give it a try. Some theatres offer English guides for overseas guests, so don’t worry if this is your first time to watch Kabuki.

The first step to watching Kabuki

To get more out of your visit

  • English flyers with an overview of the titles are available in the house (at the Kabukiza Theatre and the Minamiza Theatre).
English flyers at the Kabukiza Theatre
English flyers at the Minamiza Theatre
  • The program booklet contains an English synopsis.
  • Simplified English Audio Guide (Brief description and synopsis) are available at the Kabukiza Theatre.

  • ■Full Program:¥1,000 (CASH ONLY)

    ■Single Act:¥800 (CASH ONLY)
    *Please note that the audio guides may be unavailable depending on the performance.

    The Simplified English Audio Guides are only available at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo).
    *English caption guides (G-marc guides ) are currently not available.

    Simplified English Audio Guide at the Kabukiza Theatre

Know the rules
for watching Kabuki
for a more enjoyable time

  • Taking photographs and recording audio or video are prohibited during performances (even without flash).
  • Turn off all electronic devices during performances (turn off mobile phones instead of setting them to silent).
  • Do not talk or make noises during performances.
  • Do not lean forward to watch. It obstructs the view of others.
  • Do not eat or drink during performances.
  • If a child starts to cry, makes noise, or detracts from the experience of others, go to the lobby for a break.
  • Moving to an empty seat or standing to watch are not allowed.

  • There are “Reserved Seat” and “Non-reserved Seat” zones in the Single Act tickets area. “Reserved Seat” are seats in the “Reserved Seat” zone that are pre-selected (seats cannot be moved). In the “Non-reserved Seat” zone, visitors are free to choose their own seats in the order of entry.

    ※If you are Single Act ticket holders (Kabukiza Theatre), be sure to look “Notice -Before entering the auditorium-“

“Notice -Before entering the auditorium-” for Single Act ticket(Reserved Seat)holders (Kabukiza Theatre)
“Notice -Before entering the auditorium-” for Single Act ticket(Non-reserved Seat)holders (Kabukiza Theatre)
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